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Benny & Friends at Lager House pictureIt is not often that the world gets to hear from ya favorite DJ's favorite DJ, so when someone does wrangle him it tends to be big.  Sydney Hawkins caught up with Benny for an interview that went on and it came off pretty nice.  Epic shout out to Sydney and the entire Urbanian camp.

At the end of the interview, there's a link to Benny's Pill Mix that appeared on Rude Jude's Shade 45 show. Since we're nice people, here's the link:

Here's a snippet:

SH: This was obviously a bright spot in your music career. What other things have you been into over the past few years? What would you say are some other highlights?

BB: Highlights…there are so many. 6 1/2 years on the radio at WDBM… a childhood dream. 4 years doing Elevation at the Firefly w/ Graffiti & Buff 1. My homie Mayer Hawthorne bringing me out to LA this past year to open at The Roxy & play the Do-Over party at Crane’s. Just being out there with my Sky Children / A-Side Worldwide family, Buff 1, Now On, AML, 14 KT and all those guys. I’m so proud of all the success they’re having right now, and really just honored to be a part of the crew. The highlights are really just the relationships I’ve built with people like them, Hubert, my man SelfSays, Stoopz-N-Breeze, BLAKE Eerie, the list goes on. I’ve been blessed to meet a lot of good people.

SH: Any notable projects or gigs coming up that we should pencil in?

BB: Next up I’m working on a recording a podcast for A-Side Worldwide (, that should be done later this month. I might finally release the 2 year old mix CD I’ve been sitting on called “Money Twelves”… Not sure about club gigs but folks can hit me up on Twitter (@DJBennyBen) if they want to book me. I think the last one I did was Oslo. I’ve also got some weddings coming up too. My homie Hubert & I have some things in the works as far as a DJ service as well, so be on the lookout.

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